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What is A-Panel?

A-Panel is the web equivalent of an In/Out Planner board. It is helping team members to quickly and conveniently let colleagues know where they are, or are going to be. Since A-Panel is web based, it does not need any installed programs or applications to run on your PC, tablet, or phone. Simply go to the website, log in with your team’s name and password, and you have access to the In/Out planner of your team. Provided you have internet access, it works from any location.The traditional In/Out Planner board needs to be wiped clean every week. The A-panel web page stores every week separately. You can plan many weeks ahead. It is available for 5, 6 or 7 working days per week.

A-Panel In/Out Planner Board

What is it not?

A-Panel is not a holiday registration/counting system. It also has no links to HRM software systems. It is just the electronic equivalent of the traditional In/Out Planner board.

A-Panel What is it not?
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Is A-Panel secure?

Yes it is. Your data is protected via a User ID and Password, and the connection to our Server is protected with TLS 1.2 (Transport Layer Security). You do not have to use your company name as login ID, and there are no references in the code or database to your company name. Last but not least, we recommend you only use first names in the Planner.

A-Panel TLS 1.2 Support

Is A-panel reliable?

A-Panel is very reliable. The software has been running for two years now and has never been down. The webserver is hosted by Versio B.V., the Netherlands. Versio is one of the biggest providers of web hosting services in the Netherlands.

A-Panel Versio

How do I maintain the Planner?

Maintaining the Planner also does not require any software to be installed on your PC. The administrator simply logs in with his/her own User ID and Password, and can then add/remove team members to/from the list, or set certain days of the week to default values (e.g. for people working 4 days per week). Using the administration panel is straightforward, reading a manual is not required (actually, there is no manual).

A-Panel Admin Software

How to get started?

Send us an email via the message box shown below, and we will set things up for you. There is a free trial period of one month. After this month, we will send you a request for a PayPal payment. If you decide not to respond to this request, after a while, the service will simply stop.

A-Panel How to get started

What does it cost?

The initial payment request is for 45 euro per team. (A team is one In/Out Planner webpage with up to 200 team members.) Every year, we will send you an additional payment request for 28 euro per team which is used for hosting your team's webpage, software maintenance and improvement, and maintaining the security certificate.

A-Panel Price

Do you do customization?

Yes we do, but customization requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Evaluation criteria are: effort estimation and value of the proposal for other A-Panel users. In case any fees would be applicable, we will let you know before any work is done.

A-Panel Customization
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The About us is actually an About me. I am Daniël Stekelenburg. I am an eighteen year old student from the Netherlands, and this is my first attempt to start a small business. The software was originally developed for the company my father works for (PAL-V). Since they are very enthusiastic about the software, he suggested that I start offering it to other teams as well.

A-Panel Who are A-Panel?
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